Tips for Homeowners looking to sell their home.

I came across this article giving advise to homeowners looking to sell. The info it had was very informative and direct to how the typical homeowner thinks.

Quick summary:

  • Don’t go with the agent who promises they can sell it for more. Choose the agent you feel is being honest with you and that you can trust the most.
  • Price the home correctly from the start. Over-pricing your home will not yield you more money
  • While the spring season is when most homes hit the market, there are always many potential buyer for your home no matter the day of the year.
  • Not all home improvements will increase your net profit. Look at what other homes have sold for and determine if the improvements you want to make will actually increase its value.
  • When you get multiple offers on your home, the highest offer is not always best. For instance, if the highest offer comes with multiple contingencies and a 2 month close and a slightly lower offer is all cash and provides a 30 day close, the cash offer would likely be the safer option.

Steven Johnson

Realtor with Coldwell Banker

“Serving Chicago and the Northwest Suburbs”



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