Lake County Home Sales Increase from March to April… Again

For the last three years in Lake County, Illinois, more homes have sold in the month of April than they have in the month of March. To the informed homeowner, this comes as no surprise. Many dub this month as “The start of the Spring market” since homes tend to be listed and sold at one of the fastest rates of any month. Still, despite the cold weather homes can sell in the Chicagoland area during the winter months too. In January of this year, Lake County still saw 544 homes sell and February saw 546. Now, compare that to the 920 homes sold in April this year and you’ll see that it’s clear that most buyers prefer to make purchases in the spring months. But why? Many say they want their kids to be in the new school district before the fall semester but don’t want them pulled out before the current school year is over. Others say it’s due to the warm weather. All in all, it’s likely the mindset that homeowners and first time home buyers are primed with on a daily basis. Realtors and homeowners alike say that more homes will become available for buyers to purchase in the spring months, and frankly they’re right. But this is the kind of thinking that helps perpetuate April as a mega month for sales and leaves the winter months as a lull. All in all, expect to see April outsell March in the Chicagoland market until this mindset begins to alter.


Steven Johnson

Broker with Coldwell Banker

Cell: 847-525-6121

More about Steven Johnson, Realtor with Coldwell Banker


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